Holistic Day Care

About us

Who we are?

Holistic Day Care is a day care in co-operation with other organisations. We are still a new foundation and we strive to impact many lives. A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, we intend to start small but impact so many people by making a little difference in their lives.

Our Mission

We all know it is possible one day to have an issue that will require someone else to take care of us. Therefore, it is not an abstract idea to help other people in need because we ourselves would one day be in need. We all have once been children, we can hardly remember about what prevailed in childhood but someone stood by us, someone watched over us when we cried, someone picked us up when we fell, someone fed us, someone washed our clothes, now it is time for us to give back, now is time to let go of self and focus on helping the world.

Join our team at holistic day care and make a difference in the world.