Holistic Day Care


Our physical location takes care of little children because their parents have a tight schedule.

Our team also has people who strive to give in emotional, financial, spiritual support or advice to people with special needs.

People of special needs could include teenagers, adults and very old people.


Special needs could also include people that are just coming from a rehabilitation canter suffering from mental challenges.

We give them new hope; we give them a reason to have faith again in themselves.

we have a program geared towards elderly people aged 60 and above. This is a special program designed to give them recommended books and counselling that will help them live an old age that will be healthy and holistic.

Next, we have a program known as ‘’Our holistic store.’’ In this store we strive to sell tools which could also include books, audio books subscriptions that could help people with advice on certain things that enable them to live a holistic life.

People with special needs sometimes need certain things to help them in times of stress.

At certain times when they cannot handle all the negativity in life, medical doctors recommend them pets, at certain time medical doctors recommend relaxation audios. 

At other times they are recommended sporting activities.

In our holistic shop we provide the members of our family all these products and tools at a good rate.

Some of these tools include but are not limited to certain audio books, certain organic foods. We also advertise some pets and recommend pets by shelter homes.

We also sell food and other supplies for these pets , all of these at a very affordable rate.


In our store, you will find books on how to groom your pets and how to avoid getting ripped off online when trying to buy pet or trying to select the best pet food because there are thousands of unhealthy foods online which are not good for your pets.

So, thank you for visiting our page and to support our mission, you could as well donate. 

You could make a little donation of $5 that would go a long way to help the children by discounting the products that we buy and sell .

As a non-profit organisation our goal is to help people that are challenged either physically, mentally or emotionally to be able to clean up the negativity and rise up again.